About the I Know Me


A kernel theory of Freud is the Obsessive Repetitive Compulsive Pattern. This theory suggests that we develop certain patterns of behavior based on our parenting and socialization process in our early childhood. These patterns form our coping mechanisms and influence the way we respond to people, our world and ourselves. Our coping mechanisms are our biggest strengths and our Achilles heel. They determine our unique personality and limit us from fulfilling the true potential that lies within us.

Eric Bern, father of Transactional Analysis, built on Freud’s theory and termed it the Script Pattern Analysis. He purposefully compared a Script Pattern to a theatrical script in that, just as a theatrical script directs performance, the Script Pattern consciously or unconsciously directs how we relate to others, the world and ourselves.

Richard Erskine, a Transactional Analyst and follower of Bern, described how in our day to day functioning we respond in a manner that evokes and reinforces the Script Pattern. He termed these behavior responses as the “Rackety Pattern”. The I Know Me Profile is based on Richard Erskine’s rackety pattern.


As people are made aware of their pattern, a frequent question is, “Can we change our Script?” This is like asking if a leopard can change its spots. The reality is that leopards’ spots can only mature from dark to lighter hues as they age, so too we can grow our strengths and work on areas that inhibit our full potential through gaining insight and understanding our Script / Rackety Patterns. The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy / CoResolve / Let’s Talk tools are easy to use and apply in enabling this growth process.



The I Know Me Profile is derived from either a confidential interview or questionnaire. Both will take you on a journey down memory lane, asking you questions about past events.

This interview can be carried out face to face or via Skype and it takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. The interview is carried out by people specially trained in this method.

The questionnaire is completed by yourself and will take approximately 3 hours to fill in. It is advisable to set aside time to do this and not interrupt the process.


Following the interview / questionnaire you will be given direct feedback either face to face or via Skype . Both the interview and analysis may be evocative and you may want to take time to reflect. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you don’t book appointments directly after the process allowing you time to reflect.

The analysis is carried out by psychologists who have been specially trained in this method.

In relation to your life this is very limited information and there is no way that this analysis can ‘know you’ better than you know yourself. If you disagree with the analysis please talk to the analyst as your views are more likely to be right.

The beauty of the analysis is that it gives an understanding of your significant Script Patterns. It is unlikely to give them all as no tool can give you total insight into you. As humans we are complex and all of us are on an ongoing journey i.e. a work in progress. However, the analysis will give you an easy to understand “road map” of you, including clear indications of areas for growth and suggested skills and tools to help you.


The feedback session will make use of the online I Know Me Profile Platform. Through the platform, the various patterns will be described and captured layer by layer, commencing with the more conscious, recognisable patterns and linking them to the deeper, core patterns. It will also provide the underlying belief systems arising from the Script.


Please contact Britta at britta@deep-democracy.net if you are interested in obtaining your profile or for additional information.